We all Get Paid to Think

It does not matter if you’re a carpenter, agile software coach, a CEO or a scientist. We all get paid to think. That is our commodity, which with time should increase in value.

Now there are 2 ways of going about bringing the way you think to the ‘market of ideas’.

The first one is to hide it behind what you make (a carpenter, brings their chair to a furniture market), or you can speak to it (normally in brand language, say Knoll in the furniture example).

The same logic applies to the world of IP, and intangibles.

We can monetize methodologies (Design Thinking for example), draw letters, or code machine learning algorithms.

If we get traction in the market, it means that customers are responding to the way we think – so we can raise the price, and charge a premium.

To be in control of the situation means that we are able to peel the layers from what we do, to who we are. Why are we here? What are we making, and who is it for?

It all starts with one simple question:
What are you interested in?

p.s. I was listening to this lovely song while typing this up


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