Typographica Issue Nº 7

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I have recently started working with The Lubalin Center – on reissues (newsprints for now, with posters being planned) – the space is free and open to the public (just get in touch here) – but I definitely find myself here more often, and exposed to mind–blowing pieces of design, gems that no amount of online trolling will be able to expose me to. I will do my best to share some of those here.

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Typographica 7 — was edited by Herbert Spencer and published by Lund Humphries.

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The issue was published earlier than anticipated to coincide with the ‘Typography in Britain today’ exhibition which was held at Lund Humphries’ Bedford Square.

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Those piece of design are hard to find – I could only locate issue 9 of Typographica on eBay , and a bonus little feature on Grain Edit

Lund is a great publisher and I highly recommend getting a copy of Swann, C. (1969) - Techniques Of Typography.

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